Snow Peak's mission, the "restore sense of humanity,"
is linked to a sustainable future for our planet.

Since the time of its founding, Snow Peak has aspired to help even more people recover their humanity through the contact with nature and outdoor recreations. Today, the movement towards a sustainable society is gathering pace around the world. Several difficult problems stand in the way However, several complicated problems such as..., such as climate change, the crisis in ecosystems, and Various divisions among the people. The solution to these problems The realization of all humans that we are part of nature, and the recognition of the importance of a sustainable global environment. We believe that the recovery of humanity is the first step in achieving this awareness.

Our business of providing camping and outdoor recreations would not be possible without the natural environment that the planet Earth has nurtured. Therefore, we must always remain conscious of the sustainability in our products, activities and organization. In addition, we must strive to improve the quality of our business and management, and continue contributing to a better future.

We will earnestly engage with social problems regarding all aspects of life - Clothing, Eating, Living, Working and Playing - and contribute to realizing a rich society through the resolution of these issues. We will continue to take new challenges and grow as a company, finding connections with our employees, customers, trading partners, shareholders, and all our other stakeholders, aiming to make a positive impact on the planet.

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