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Shareholder returns through dividends and shareholder benefits

・Stable dividends

We regard the return of profits to shareholders as a key management issue. We will endeavor to continue to pay stable dividends, while taking into account factors such as the Company's financial structure and future business development.
Moreover, we consider the allocation of the fruits of business investment (the allotment to dividends and internal reserves) as an opportunity to invest in growth. We will prioritize the utilization of free cash flow generated from our businesses to fund business investment for the future.

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
2.5yen 7.5yen 12.5yen 12.5yen 12.5yen 12.5yen

・Shareholder benefits plan

We present shareholders who have held our shares for one year or more with complementary vouchers.
Shareholders can use these vouchers to receive a 15% discount on the sales price of the Company's products, etc.
In addition to purchasing the Company's products, vouchers can also be used to pay for services provided at camping fields directly operated by the Company, as well as accommodation at the Company's camping fields, accommodation packages provided by camping fields, food and beverage such as Snow Peak Eat, etc.

Number of shares held Benefits
100 or more and less than 300 1 voucher
300 or more and less than 1,000 2 vouchers
1,000 or more 3 vouchers

* Shareholders who have held the Company's shares for one year or more as of December 31 each year are eligible.