Management InformationTop Message

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our shareholders and investors for continuing to show exceptional understanding and support for Snow Peak's corporate activities. In FY2022, sales increased but profit decreased year on year, with net sales of 30.7 billion yen, up 19% year on year, and operating profit of 3.6 billion yen, down 3% year on year. While camping is an established way of enjoying leisure time, the macroenvironment, customer trends and market trends have reached a turning point at present. In response to the changes in our business environment, we have reviewed the medium-term management plan. Aiming for strong and continued growth instead of quick expansion, and also making this the first year for the global rollout of the business model we have established in Japan, we will push ourselves toward a new phase. We are also advancing sustainability initiatives to address environmental problems and solve social issues through our business activities. We believe that, as technology advances, the need for camping as a true opportunity to experience fulfilling moments in nature will grow. We believe in the power of camping to heal people and recover humanity. We are sure that the power of camping will positively impact individuals, families, friendships, communities, local communities, the country and the planet as a whole. At Snow Peak, we will continue to help create a prosperous future for our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders and build a sustainable society.
We appreciate your continued support as we take on new challenges at Snow Peak.

Tohru Yamai
Chairman and President / CEO