Management InformationSnow Peak's History of Value Creation

  • 1958

    Founded as Yukio Yamai Shoten

    Snow Peak now has a growing number of fans in Japan and around the world, but its journey begins more than half a century ago, in 1958, when its founder, Yukio Yamai, starts a hardware wholesale business.

  • 1958

    July 1958
    Yukio Yamai, the first president of the Company, establishes Yukio Yamai Shoten as a hardware wholesale business.
  • 1959

    April 1959
    Yamai, a mountaineering enthusiast, is dissatisfied with the gear of the time and develops his own original mountaineering equipment. Nationwide sales begin.
  • 1963

    October 1963
    "Snow Peak" is registered as a trademark.
  • 1964

    January 1964
    Yamai Shoten is established as a limited company and incorporated. It enters the fishing industry, and the business domain is expanded to that of a full-fledged outdoor leisure manufacturer.
  • 1971

    May 1971
    Reorganized as Yamakou Co. Ltd.
  • 1976

    June 1976
    The Company's own factory is established in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture.
  • 1986

    Creating the car camping culture

    Tohru Yamai, the current Chairman, joins the company and enters the car camping business in earnest.
    Despite the tendency for people to think that the outdoors = enjoying inconvenience, Snow Peak creates the idea of designing sites to be comfortable and releases camping gear in line with this idea.

  • 1988

    Full-scale release of car camping products.
    The Company makes innovations in the Japanese outdoor scene as a pioneer car camping manufacturer.
  • 1992

    Founder Yukio Yamai passes away. Toki Yamai takes over as President.
  • 1995 - 1996

    The birth of major nature-oriented products

    Solid Stake, released in 1995, is a peg crafted from forged stainless steel that changes the concept of pegs as consumables.
    In 1996, we release the Pack and Carry Fireplace to enable the making of fires without damaging nature. This time marks the birth of our current mainstay products.

  • 1996

    December 1996
    Tohru Yamai becomes President and Representative Director.
    At the same time, the company name is changed to Snow Peak, Inc. Expansion into the United States.
  • 1998

    "Snow Peak Way" begins

    An event that naturally builds connections between users and staff, and among users, begins in 1998.
    In addition to store staff, staff from the administration and planning departments participate in the event to engage with users as individual campers.

  • 2008

    November 2008
    Snow Peak Korea, Inc., a Korean subsidiary, is established.
  • 2009

    September 2009
    Snow Peak Inc. A Corporation of Japan (U.S. Office) is established.
  • 2011

    Visualization of experience value

    In 2011, HEADQUARTERS, a combined campground, store and headquarters, is established.
    In 2019, the Company opens Snow Peak MUSEUM, which makes it possible to visualize the history of Snow Peak and its current activities.

  • 2012

    May 2012
    Snow Peak Wel, Inc. is established and begins employment support business for people with disabilities.
  • 2013

    January 2013
    Snow Peak Taiwan Branch (Taiwan Office) is established.
  • 2014

    Listing on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

    In 2014, the Company is listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and then switches to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015.
    From FY2014 to FY2020, sales increased from 5.55 billion yen to 16.76 billion yen, and net income increased from 110 million yen to 1.04 billion yen.

  • 2014

    September 2014
    The Company enters the apparel business in earnest.
  • 2015

    December 2015
    Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2016

    July 2016
    Snow Peak Business Solutions, Inc. is established to strengthen the development and promotion of the outdoor office business.
  • 2017

    February 2017
    Snow Peak Regional Revitalization Consulting, Inc. is established to strengthen the promotion of consulting services related to regional revitalization.
    March 2017
    Snow Peak Operation Core HQ2, a new strategic base that consolidates core functions and streamlines operations, begins operation.
  • 2018

    March 2018
    "Snow Peak Tokyo HQ3," a new information dissemination base, begins operations.
    Snow Peak London, Limited is established as a subsidiary to promote business in Europe.
    September 2018
    We established Snow Peak Hakuba, Inc.
    operating from Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi County, Nagano Prefecture
  • 2019

    March 2019
    The Company makes Heartis System & Consulting Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary and integrates it with Snow Peak Business Solutions, Inc.
    July 2019
    Snow Peak USA, Inc. is established as a subsidiary to promote business in the United States.
  • 2020

    March 2020
    Tohru Yamai is appointed Chairman and Representative Director, and Lisa Yamai is appointed President and Representative Director.
    September 2020
    Snow Peak USA Headquarters (Global HQ4), which houses the flagship store, begins operations in the U.S.
  • 2021

    July 2021
    Snow Peak LIFE EXPO 2021, the very first large-scale exhibition, is held at the headquarters in Niigata.
    September 2021
    Niigata Design & Capital Co., Ltd. a fund management company, is established for the purpose of developing and revitalizing tourist attractions in Niigata through joint investment by Snow Peak, Jiyujin, and Niigata Venture Capital.
    November 2021
    Snow Peak, TIEMCO LTD., Ibic, and Ibic Foods establish a new company, Campers and Anglers Co., Ltd., to create new outdoor culture values.
  • 2022

    March 2022
    Snow Peak Local Foods, Inc. is established as a new company involved in the development, manufacture and sale of food products, jointly with GreatCompany Co., Ltd., which operates restaurants mainly in Sanjo City, Niigata.
    April 2022
    Grand opening of Snow Peak FIELD SUITE SPA HEADQUARTERS, a complex resort centered on hot bath facilities based on the concept of feel nature.
    September 2022
    Tohru Yamai is appointed Chairman, President and Representative Director.
    October 2022
    Snow Peak Nature (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is established as a joint venture with Renen and Citic Trust PE.
  • 2023

    January 2023
    Snow Peak Taiwan, Inc., a Taiwan subsidiary, is established.
    April 2023
    Snow Peak Circulation Core, Inc. is established as a new company specializing in the reuse business of its products.
    October 2023
    Power of Camp Research Laboratory, Inc. is established.